Swanage Blues

Schedule 2024 March

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THE SCHEDULE 29th February - 3rd March 2024

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Thu 1600 Globe Geoff's Jam 
Thu 2030 Legion Hugh Budden and the Blue Chords with guests
Thu 2100 Red Lion Ray Drury & Jon Walsh
Fri 1400 Legion Back Porch
Fri 1400 Red Lion Open Mic with Andy Bradshaw
Fri 1500 White Swan The Amazing Geoff Garbow's Blues Flavours with Tim Staffell and Paul Stewart
Fri 1730 ConClub Robin Bibi Band
Fri 1900 Tawny’s  Trio Pablos
Fri 2000 IoP Golf Club Fabulous Duck Brothers 
Fri 2030 Globe Geoff's Jam 
Fri 2030 Fonc Lounge George Hall Trio
Fri 2030 Legion Pete Harris Blues Band
Fri 2030 Showbar Terraplanes
Fri 2030 Grand Hotel Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
Fri 2100 White Swan Chicago 9 Rhythm  & Blues Band 
Fri 2100 White Horse Mustangs
Fri 2100 Herston  The Geoff Garbow and Paul Cook Blues Band
Fri 2100 Red Lion Tommy Allen & Jon Vaughan
Sat 1200 Centre Greg Brice
Sat 1300 ConClub Robin Bibi Band Jam Session
Sat 1315 Centre Joff Watkins Duo
Sat 1330 Grand Hotel Back Porch
Sat 1400 YHA John McClean & the Clan
Sat 1400 Greyhound Martin McNeill
Sat 1400 Red Lion Open Mic with Andy Bradshaw
Sat 1400 Herston  Tommy Allen & Jon Vaughan
Sat 1430 Centre Guy Tortora & Janos Bajtala
Sat 1500 Legion Alex Voysey Band 
Sat 1500 White Swan I-Spy and Another
Sat 1545 Centre Ben White & Thomas Lucas
Sat 1600 Showbar Junco Shakers 
Sat 1700 Centre Break
Sat 1730 ConClub The Scoundrels
Sat 1800 Centre Mark Harrison Duo
Sat 1900 Tawny’s  Pete Harris & Ray Drury
Sat 1930 Kings Arms, L Staffell and Stewart
Sat 2030 Purbeck Plaza Jimmy Regal and the Royals 
Sat 2030 Fonc Lounge The Andy Grant Band
Sat 2030 Legion Robin Bibi Band 
Sat 2030 Grand Hotel The Blues Revue hosted by The Paul Cook Blues Band and  Guests
Sat 2030 Showbar Thomas Heppell Band 
Sat 2030 Globe Tommy Allen & Jon Vaughan
Sat 2100 Herston  Astles-Couzens Band
Sat 2100 Red Lion Carl Jones/Tom B Stone ft Andy Bradshaw
Sat 2100 White Horse Milk Men
Sat 2100 White Swan Whisky Chasers
Sun 1200 Centre Rich Miller
Sun  1300 ConClub Chicago 9 Rhythm  & Blues Band 
Sun 1300 Centre Luke Arnold
Sun 1300 Red Lion Open Mic with Andy Bradshaw
Sun 1400 Showbar Back Porch 
Sun 1400 Greyhound Ben White & Thomas Lucas
Sun 1400 Globe John McClean & the Clan
Sun 1400 Centre Martin McNeill
Sun 1400 Legion Robin Bibi Band Jam Session
Sun 1430 Grand Hotel Hugh Budden and the Blue Chords unplugged with guests
Sun 1500 White Swan Astles-Couzens Band
Sun 1500 Centre Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke
Sun 1500 Black Swan Thomas Heppell solo 
Sun 1600 Centre Dave Kelly
Sun 2000 White Swan Back Porch
Sun 2000 Red Lion Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan
Sun 2030 Grand Hotel Hugh Budden and the Blue Chords electric with guests
Sun 2030 Legion Tommy Allen Band