Swanage Blues

Schedule 2023 March


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Thu 1600 Globe Geoff's Jam
Thu 2030 Legion Million Dollar Bash
Thu 2100 Red Lion Ray Drury & Jon Walsh
Fri 1400 Legion Back Porch
Fri 1400 Red Lion Open Mic with Andy Bradshaw
Fri 1500 White Swan Robert Hokum
Fri 1600 Showbar Robin Bibi Band
Fri 1730 ConClub Chicago 9 Rhythm  & Blues Band
Fri 1900 Tawny’s  Pete Harris & Ray Drury
Fri 2000 Globe Jon Storey Band
Fri 2000 IoP Golf Club Fabulous Duck Brothers 
Fri 2030 Grand Hotel Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
Fri 2030 Legion Blue Touch
Fri 2030 Showbar Vince Lee & the Big Combo
Fri 2100 Herston Camping Back Porch
Fri 2100 Red Lion Tommy Allen Duo 
Fri 2100 White Horse The Mustangs
Fri 2100 White Swan George Hall Trio
Sat 1200 Centre Will Killeen
Sat 1300 Centre Lee Signey
Sat 1300 ConClub Robin Bibi Band Electric Jam Session
Sat 1300 Legion Vince Lee & the Big Combo
Sat 1400 Centre Liam Ward and Malcolm Thorne
Sat 1400 Greyhound Lewis Cohen
Sat 1400 Herston Camping  Born Healer
Sat 1400 Red Lion Open Mic with Andy Bradshaw
Sat 1400 YHA Thomas Heppell Band
Sat 1430 Grand Hotel Robert Hokum’s Acoustic Blues Bonanza
Sat 1500 White Swan Geoff Garbow Band
Sat 1530 Centre Ben White & Thomas Lucas
Sat 1600 Showbar Fabulous Duck Brothers 
Sat 1630 Centre Gary Fletcher Trio
Sat 1630 Legion Pete Harris Blues Band with Jon Vaughan and Ray Drury
Sat 1730 ConClub Back Porch
Sat 1900 Tawny’s  Lewis Cohen & Spencer Couzens
Sat 2000 Globe Jon Storey Band
Sat 2030 Grand Hotel Robert Hokum’s Electric Blues Bonanza
Sat 2030 Legion Robin Bibi Band 
Sat 2030 Showbar Blue Touch 
Sat 2100 Herston Camping  Tommy Allen & Ray Drury
Sat 2100 Red Lion Isobel Thatcher Duo
Sat 2100 White Horse The Milk Men
Sat 2100 White Swan Chicago 9 Rhythm  & Blues Band
Sun 1200 Centre Jonathan Townsend
Sun 1300 Centre Greg Brice
Sun  1300 ConClub Hugh Budden & the Blue Chords
Sun 1300 Red Lion Open Mic with Andy Bradshaw
Sun 1400 Greyhound Ben White & Thomas Lucas
Sun 1400 Legion Robin Bibi Band Electric Jam Session
Sun 1415 Centre Joff Watkins Duo
Sun 1430 Grand Hotel Vince Lee & Sophie Lord
Sun 1500 Black Swan Thomas Heppell
Sun 1500 White Swan Tommy Allen Duo 
Sun 1530 Centre Mark Harrison & Charles Benfield 
Sun 1630 Centre Fran McGillivray & Mike Burke
Sun 2000 Red Lion Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan
Sun 2030 Grand Hotel Hugh Budden & the Blue Chords 
Sun 2030 Legion Tommy Allen Band