Swanage Blues




28-Feb Thursday 8.00pm Robert Hokum, Hugh Budden and Steve Darrington
28-Feb Thursday 9.00pm Hugh Budden & the Blue Chords unplugged
28-Feb Thursday 9.00pm Pete Harris & Ray Drury
01-Mar Friday 2.00pm Open Mic
01-Mar Friday 3.00pm Back Porch
01-Mar Friday 5.00pm Robin Bibi Band
01-Mar Friday 6.00pm Lewis Cohen
01-Mar Friday 6.00pm Pete Harris & Ray Drury
01-Mar Friday 6.00pm Robert Hokum
01-Mar Friday 6.00pm Stompin' Dave
01-Mar Friday 8.00pm Geoff Garbow Band
01-Mar Friday 8.15pm Lewis Cohen
01-Mar Friday 8.15pm Pete Harris & Ray Drury
01-Mar Friday 8.30pm Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
01-Mar Friday 9.00pm Blue Touch
01-Mar Friday 9.00pm Tommy Allen & Jon Vaughan
01-Mar Friday 9.00pm Dawg n Bonez Band
01-Mar Friday 9.00pm The Tim Staffell / Paul Stewart Band
01-Mar Friday 9.00pm John McClean & the Clan
01-Mar Friday 9.45pm Riverside Blues Band
01-Mar Friday 10.00pm The Milk Men
02-Mar Saturday 12.30pm Pete Harris Blues Band with Jon Vaughan and Ray Drury
02-Mar Saturday 12.30pm Robin Bibi Band Jam Session
02-Mar Saturday 1.00pm Stan’s Blues Jamboree
02-Mar Saturday 1.00pm John McClean & the Clan open mic jam with guests
02-Mar Saturday 2.00pm Steve Brookes
02-Mar Saturday 2.00pm Fabulous Fezheads
02-Mar Saturday 2.00pm Open Mic
02-Mar Saturday 2.30pm The Fabulous Duck Brothers
02-Mar Saturday 2.30pm John McClean & the Clan play further set
02-Mar Saturday 3.00pm Chicago 9
02-Mar Saturday 3.00pm The Baroness & The Bear
02-Mar Saturday 3.00pm Lewis Cohen
02-Mar Saturday 3.00pm Back Porch
02-Mar Saturday 4.00pm Hugh Budden and friends
02-Mar Saturday 3.45pm Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
02-Mar Saturday 5.00pm The Tim Staffell / Paul Stewart Band
02-Mar Saturday 5.30pm Geoff's Jam
02-Mar Saturday 6.00pm Tommy Allen & Ray Drury
02-Mar Saturday 6.00pm Steve Brookes
02-Mar Saturday 8.00pm Hugh Budden & the Blue Chords
02-Mar Saturday 8.00pm Robert Hokum / David Stone Band
02-Mar Saturday 8.15pm Tommy Allen & Ray Drury
02-Mar Saturday 8.15pm Steve Brookes
02-Mar Saturday 9.00pm The RedCrow
02-Mar Saturday 9.00pm Fabulous Fezheads
02-Mar Saturday 9.00pm Backwater Roll Blues Band
02-Mar Saturday 9.00pm Back Porch
02-Mar Saturday 9.00pm Robin Bibi Band
02-Mar Saturday 9.00pm Dawg n Bonez Band
02-Mar Saturday 9.45pm The Jawbreakers
02-Mar Saturday 10.00pm The Mustangs
03-Mar Sunday 12.30pm Robin Bibi Band Jam Session
03-Mar Sunday 1.00pm Open Mic
03-Mar Sunday 1.00pm Dawg n Bonez Band followed by Jam Session
03-Mar Sunday 2.00pm Mark Harrison
03-Mar Sunday 3.00pm Voodoo Sheiks
03-Mar Sunday 3.00pm Steamer
03-Mar Sunday 3.00pm Steve Brookes
03-Mar Sunday 4.00pm Robert Hokum
03-Mar Sunday 4.00pm The Jawbreakers
03-Mar Sunday 4.00pm Tommy Allen & Jon Vaughan
03-Mar Sunday 5.30pm Luke Doherty Band
03-Mar Sunday 6.00pm Free's Company
03-Mar Sunday 6.30pm In The Dog House
03-Mar Sunday 8.00pm Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan
03-Mar Sunday 8.30pm Hugh Budden and the Blue Chords - Festival Finale with Muddy Manninen
03-Mar Sunday 9.00pm LedFree
03-Mar Sunday 9.00pm Tommy Allen's Trafficker
03-Mar Sunday 10.00pm The RedCrow


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