Swanage Blues


Thursday The Legion 8.30pm Robert Hokum, Hugh Budden, Steve Darrington, Stompin' Dave
Thursday Red Lion 9.00pm Pete Harris & Ray Drury
Friday Red Lion 2.00pm Open Mic
Friday The Legion 2.00-3.45pm Back Porch
Friday The Legion 4.30-6.15pm Stompin Dave trio
Friday East Bar 5.00pm Robin Bibi Band
Friday Sea Breeze 6.00pm Lewis Cohen
Friday Tawny’s 6.00pm Pete Harris & Ray Drury
Friday The Legion 6.45-8.30pm Robert Hokum Revue
Friday The Waterfront 7.00pm Eric Ranzoni
Friday Swanage Bay View 8.00pm Back Porch
Friday Sea Breeze 8.15pm Lewis Cohen
Friday Tawny’s 8.15pm Pete Harris & Ray Drury
Friday Grand Hotel 8.30pm Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
Friday Herston Camping 9.00pm Blue Touch
Friday Red Lion 9.00pm Tommy Allen & Jon Vaughan
Friday Ship 9.30pm Dawg n Bonez Band
Friday The Legion 9.00-11.00pm Tommy Harkenrider & The Orange County Rockets
Friday The Waterfront 9.00pm Eric Ranzoni
Friday White Swan 9.00pm John McClean & the Clan
Friday Anchor 9.45pm Riverside Blues Band
Friday White Horse 10.00pm The Milk Men
Saturday The Centre 12-1.45pm Baroness & The Bear, Robert Hokum, Nick Hyde & Friends
Saturday Swanage Bay View 12.30pm Robin Bibi Band Jam Session
Saturday The Legion 1.00pm Stan’s Blues Jamboree
Saturday YHA 1.00pm John McClean & the Clan open mic jam with guests
Saturday Greyhound 2.00pm Lewis Cohen
Saturday Herston Camping 2.00pm Fabulous Fezheads
Saturday Red Lion 2.00pm Open Mic
Saturday The Centre 2.15-3.30 Paul Lamb & Chad Strentz
Saturday Grand Hotel 2.30pm Blue Touch - unplugged
Saturday IoP Golf Club 2.30pm Pete Harris Blues Band with Jon Vaughan and Ray Drury
Saturday YHA 2.30pm John McClean & the Clan play further set
Saturday Anchor 3.00pm Chicago 9
Saturday White Swan 3.00pm Back Porch
Saturday The Centre 4.00-5.15 Blues Dharma
Saturday Swanage Bay View 5.00pm Geoff Garbow Band
Saturday The Waterfront 5.00pm Geoff's Jam
Saturday The Centre 5.45-7pm Gary Fletcher
Saturday Sea Breeze 6.00pm Tommy Allen & Ray Drury
Saturday Tawny’s 6.00pm Lewis Cohen
Saturday Swanage Bay View 7.00pm Karena K Band
Saturday The Centre 7.30-8.30 Paul Lamb & Chad Strentz
Saturday Sea Breeze 8.15pm Tommy Allen & Ray Drury
Saturday Tawny’s 8.15pm Lewis Cohen
Saturday Grand Hotel 8.30pm The Fabulous Duck Brothers
Saturday White Horse 8.30pm Trevor 'Babajack' Steger
Saturday Herston Camping 9.00pm The RedCrow
Saturday Red Lion 9.00pm Fabulous Fezheads
Saturday Ship 9.30pm Backwater Roll Blues Band
Saturday Swanage Bay View 9.00pm Robert Hokum Revue
Saturday The Legion 9.00pm Robin Bibi Band
Saturday White Swan 9.00pm Dawg n Bonez Band
Saturday Anchor 9.45pm The Jawbreakers
Saturday White Horse 10.00pm The Mustangs
Sunday The Centre 12-1.45 Baroness & The Bear, Nick Hyde & Friends
Sunday The Legion 12.30pm Robin Bibi Band Jam Session
Sunday Red Lion 1.00pm Open Mic
Sunday Swanage Bay View 1.00pm The Great West Groove
Sunday Grand Hotel 2.30-5pm Hugh Budden & the Blue Chords - unplugged
Sunday The Centre 2.15-3.15 Ben Tyzack & Guy Tortora
Sunday Anchor 3.00pm John McClean & The Clan
Sunday Black Swan 3.00pm Steamer
Sunday Greyhound 2.00pm Grizzly Rhys Morgan & Simon Clark
Sunday Swanage Bay View 3.00pm Tim Staffell / Paul Stewart Band
Sunday The Centre 3.45-5pm The Sepia Swing Show Twins (Nick Hyde & Dave Raphael)
Sunday White Swan 4.00pm Tommy Allen & Jon Vaughan
Sunday Swanage Bay View 5.00pm The Robert Hokum Mega Session
Sunday Salt Pig Too 5.30pm Geoff's Jam
Sunday The Centre 5.30-6.30 Ben Tyzack & Guy Tortora
Sunday The Legion 5.30pm Luke Doherty Band
Sunday Red Lion 8.00pm Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan
Sunday White Horse 6.00pm Free's Company
Sunday Grand Hotel 8.30pm Tommy Harkenrider & The Orange County Rockets : Festival Finale
Sunday White Swan 9.00pm Doghouse Blues
Sunday The Legion 9.00pm Tommy Allen's Trafficker
Sunday Anchor 10.00pm The RedCrow



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