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No opportunities because everything takes place indoors in existing businesses such as pubs, restaurants etc.

There are currently no openings for paid shows . When the process of selection is open again, notification will be given in the newsletter.
Decisions are made in conjunction with promoters, venues, key assistants and organisers of other festivals - no correspondence can be entered into.
There are Other Opportunities for musicians and singers.
More ad hoc for players of all levels.

Check in with Robin at the Jam Sessions, drummers bring own sticks.

Open Mic Sessions are held at the Red Lion on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Slots are not booked in advance, so turn up early! Preferably Friday but 1.30pm on Saturday's OK, and book in with the host.
Fri 2-5pm, Sat 2-5pm, Sun 1-4pm all at the Red Lion
Andy writes: Are you ready to be part of making music at the Swanage Blues Festival? You are? Fabulous! Some of my happiest memories of Swanage Blues have been at the Open Mic sessions. The audiences, the variety of acts and the sheer amount of talent every year, make it an exciting part of the festival experience. There are new surprises, acts which leave you speechless and many laughs and cheers along the way. I will be there at least an hour before the start time with the sign-in book, previous years’ experience tells me the slots fill up quickly so bear that in mind! I will be providing a cajon for accompaniment if you need a back beat. Out of a courtesy to our neighbours this will be un-mic'd. If it's your first time playing at an Open Mic, that's great, we welcome everyone. To help you get the most out of the experience, here are a few pointers to smooth you through the experience.
Make sure you are tuned up and ready to go in time for your slot. Time is limited and the audience want to hear you play!
If you are using any battery powered equipment, make sure your batteries are fresh - you don't want an electro acoustic giving up on you halfway through your set!
If you have any special requirements, let the host know beforehand so they can be ready to say, mic up a purely acoustic guitar, or you want to use a different mic set up.
As a courtesy to other performers, please try and work within your time slot.
Once you have finished to rapturous applause, please leave the performance area to allow the next act to get ready to play.
Other than that, enjoy what promises to be a great Festival!