Swanage Blues

2016 October

“The Swanage Blues Festival brings together an amazing collection of Blues Musicians, Fans and Friends for a weekend of Jams, Open Mics and Headline Performances that will have you coming back time after time

The 26th Swanage Blues Festival is on 6, 7, 8, 9 October 2016


Stan's Blues Jamboree Jam Session

Caption: "And this is a Jam Session!" - Photo by Paul Dubbleman.



3 Buck Shirt, Anita Jardine, Backwater Roll Blues Band, Blue Touch, Buskers, Catfish, Chicago 9, Dan Sowerby, Darrington, Budden & Hokum, Fabulous Fezheads, Grand Finale, Great West Groove, Hugh Budden, Jam Sessions with Robin Bibi Band, John McClean & The Clan, LedFree, Lewis Cohen, Northsyde, Open Mic Sessions hosted by Anita Jardine, Pete Harris and..., Ray Drury, Red Butler, Red River Hogs, Riverside Blues Band, Robert Hokum, Robin Bibi Band, Stan's Blues Jamboree, Steve Darrington, Swanage Skiffle Kings, Teed Up, The Baroness and The Bear, The Blues Duo - Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt, The Blues Issue, The Elevators, The Jawbreakers, The Milk Men, The Mustangs, The RedCrow, The Riotous Brothers, The Tom Seals Band, The Wang Dang Doodle, Tommy Allen’s Trafficker, Voodoo Sheiks, and Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion.



Programmes - see Wristbands


2030 The Legion Darrington, Budden and Hokum
1400 Red Lion Open Mic with Anita Jardine
1700 East Bar Robin Bibi Band 
1800 Sea Breeze Lewis Cohen
1800 Tawny’s  Dan Sowerby
2000 Sw Bay View Tom Seals Band
2015 Sea Breeze Lewis Cohen
2015 Tawny’s  Dan Sowerby
2030 Grand Hotel Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
2100 Crow’s Nest Teed Up
2100 Herston C&C The Riotous Brothers
2100 Red Lion Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan
2100 The Legion Red Butler
2100 White Swan Red River Hogs
2145 Anchor Riverside Blues Band
2145 White Horse The Milk Men
2200 Ship Blues Issue
1200 YHA The Baroness and The Bear
1230 East Bar Pete Harris R&B All Stars 
1230 Sw Bay View Robin Bibi Jam Session
1300 The Legion Stan’s Blues Jamboree
1300 YHA John McClean & The Clan
1400 Herston C&C Fabulous Fezheads
1400 Red Lion Open Mic with Anita Jardine
1500 Anchor Chicago 9
1500 Grand Hotel Lewis Cohen (3pm), The Baroness & The Bear (4pm), Dan Sowerby (5pm)
1500 White Swan 3 Buck Shirt
1545 Ship The Riotous Brothers
1700 Sw Bay View The Elevators
1800 Sea Breeze The Blues Duo
1800 Tawny’s  Lewis Cohen
1900 East Bar Blue Touch
2015 Sea Breeze The Blues Duo
2015 Tawny’s  Lewis Cohen
2030 Grand Hotel Great West Groove and guests in concert
2100 Crow’s Nest Wang Dang Doodle
2100 Herston C&C The RedCrow
2100 Red Lion Fabulous Fezheads
2100 Sw Bay View Red Butler
2100 The Legion Robin Bibi Band 
2100 White Swan Blues Issue
2145 Anchor The Jawbreakers
2145 White Horse The Mustangs
2230 Ship Backwater Roll Blues Band
1300 Red Lion Open Mic with Anita Jardine
1400 East Bar Catfish
1500 Anchor Voodoo Sheiks
1500 Black Swan Dan Sowerby
1500 Grand Hotel Swanage Skiffle Kings
1500 The Legion Robin Bibi Jam Session
1600 Crow’s Nest Riverside Blues Band
1600 Ship The Jawbreakers
1600 White Swan The Blues Duo
1800 White Horse Northsyde
2000 Red Lion Pete Harris & Jon Vaughan
2030 Grand Hotel Grand Finale – Spirit of '62 (Great West Groove go Electric with Guests including Dan Sowerby and Jules Fothergill)
2100 The Legion Trafficker
2200 Anchor The RedCrow
2200 Ship LedFree



Anchor Inn, Black Swan, Crow's Nest, East Bar, Grand Hotel, Herston Caravan & Camp Site, The Legion, Red Lion, Sea Breeze, Ship, Swanage Bay View Holiday Park, Swanage Railway Station, Swanage YHA, Tawny's, White Horse, and the White Swan.



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