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Please do not send MP3s, JPGs, Electronic Promotional Kits and attachments of any kind - they are not considered.

Each Act is required to supply their own PA and  lights (unless specifically agreed), PAT tested equipment and to have Public Liability Insurance and good social networking, advertising and marketing. Accommodation is not provided, food and drink may be but if so, totally at the discretion of the venues - some do, some don't.

I match Acts with Venues - the 'best' band is not always the 'right' band for the job, and there is no shame in not being booked or re-booked.

If your Act can put on a good show, entertain, be visually and musically interesting and exciting,

has a good website, social media, can communicate well and asks for only one slot,

you'll stand a much better chance of being booked.

When new Acts are under consideration, a notification will be included on the Swanage Blues Festival Facebook Page at and in the monthly newsletter - subscribe at

The Application Form below shows the usual Terms and Conditions for Paid Performances.

Due to the huge number of Acts wishing to appear and the small number of Venues, there is currently a backlog of Applications so I would ask you not to complete the form below unless you are asked.


1.           How many people are in your Act?

2.           How long has the Act been together?

3.           Where is the Act's geographical base?

4.           Describe the type of music you play

5.           List names of members and their instruments

6.           What is the address of your website with gig listings?

7.           What is the address of your website with sounds (if different)

8.           Please list all Social Media sites

9.           How many people are on your mailing list?

10.         Give a description of your PA

11.         Give a description of your stage lights

12.         Limit of your Public Liability Insurance – evidence of this will be required along with confirmation of PAT testing of equipment

13.         Fees are at local pub rates and start at around £150 for bands; less for solo/duos. Any collections go towards Swanage Blues costs. State your required Fee and minimum number of gigs required at this fee

14          Swanage Blues is not responsible for food, drink, accommodation or transport

15          Swanage Blues is not responsible for providing PA, backline, drum kit, lights or background music

16          Swanage Blues is not responsible for income tax or national insurance contributions.

17          Can you hold a crowd for at least two hours with good quality material? Please include a Sample Set List.

18          Have you have checked all details and are they complete and accurate?

19          Do you understand that making a false declaration or failure to disclose any relevant information will result in cancellation with no fee payable?

20          Please include a Sample Set List.

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