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We don't have tickets. The festival is independent, not-for-profit and funded by Support Wristbands (currently £10), purchased by festival fans and anybody who wishes to ensure the festival survives. The absence of a ticketing system does away with the need for paid door supervisors, the cost of which would make the festival unworkable because events are held in places with lots of doors! 

Wearing a Support Wristband helps fans to recognise other blues music lovers and helps to create the wonderful spirit of togethness and party atmosphere for which Swanage Blues is famous.

How to Purchase a £10 Support Wristband - link not available yet. Join the monthly emailing list to find out when they go on sale. Meanwhile you may wish to make a Donation.


If people don't buy support wristbands, registered security staff will have to be employed at a high cost. Wristbands will increase from £10 to at least £50 just to cover these extra costs. When you buy a support wristband, you are helping to ensure the success of this festival and the future of these amazing events.



Any donation no matter how large or small is always greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Swanage Blues is a trading name of Blues Roots, a not for profit company limited by guarantee to protect Swanage Blues funds.

Enter the amount in 00.01 pence from the right - for example, if you wish to donate £10.00, enter 1000 and 10.00 will be displayed.





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